VIP Membership

VIP Membership

Membership. What’s it all about?!

In this digital world, the need for craft - and time out are more important than ever. The need to hang out with people who ‘get it’ is a must.

Your membership provides monthly social meetups with exclusive workshop access to share your projects and experience with other members over tea, coffee and treats. Exclusively for members, these events will become your “me time”, your solace from the world…

We really want to make sure you nurture your craft mojo, so the membership includes discounts on a different craft kit each month and access to the Last Minute Club!!

Did someone say coffee? Because Bindi looooooooooves her coffee, you get $3 coffee EVERY TIME!!

Large? No problem. Double shot soy with a twist? We’ve got you! Mates rates for you.

As a Member, you will also have access to our exclusive community where you can connect with other crafters. Remember, part of what makes our community so special is YOU and your love for crafting.

This community will continue to grow and evolve, and we want you to be a part of it. Choose your membership below and join us today!

Terms and conditions

  • BYO project once a month meet-up.
  • Members sign up online to confirm numbers before the event.
  • Tea, coffee, wine and nibbles provided along with social environment of fellow crafters.
  • Best dates and times decided by the majority.

$3 coffee

  • available all day every day.
  • Includes large, extra shot, all milk types.
  • Not transferable.
  • One per transaction for takeaway.

Last minute club

Last minute club will be made available class by class at the discretion of A good place to start If a class is less than half full members will be invited, by email, to join the class at the percentage discount provided by their membership. This email can be sent as little as 2 hours before a class.

The email will specify how many spaces available and spaces will be awarded on a first in best dressed scenario.

Monthly members only kit discount

  • Each month a craft kit will be nominated for discount via newsletter.
  • Kits are pick up in store only and there may be waiting periods for popular items.
  • The discount does not apply to any other kits.

Clover crochet hook discount

  • Members receive a discount on RRP when purchasing Clover hooks.
  • Hooks are pick up in store only.

Bronze Membership
Gold Membership
Silver Membership
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